High scientific value

“A strong vocation for research and innovation”

Inspired by the support and experience of other companies of the group and founder Francesco Bellini, author of over 30 medical patents, FB VISION is made up of a team of carefully selected industry professionals who have made extremely important contributions.

Our aim

Our aim is to become a benchmark in state-of-the-art ophthalmology, creating a professional information network and implementing a diverse range of medical disciplines for the development of products with a high scientific and technological background.
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ISO 9001:2015 Certification
ISO 13485:2016 Certification 

Associated companies

Neurodegenerative disorders.

Research Group FB VISION - Company specialized in the development of drugs for the central nervous system, in particular for degenerative diseases, and for the treatment of rare diseases, also in the ophthalmic field.
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Tissue repair.

Research Group FB VISION - Canadian research company that deals with innovation in the field of tissue repair through a technology that uses light-activated molecules to promote wound healing.
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FB Dermatology

Biophotonics in dermatology.

Company specialized in the development of innovative Medical devices (Kleresca®) based on the unique and patented FLE technology, i.e., the use of fluorescence light energy to stimulate the natural repair processes of the dermis in case of acne, rosacea and other pathologies.
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Our mission is the health
of your eyes

The eyes have a great importance: suffice it to say that the human being is able to establish
visual contact with another person even at 30/40 meters of distance.
This is why we study every day to protect and treat them.


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