Study of
eye diseases

Knowing ocular pathologies is important to understand
their behaviour and intervene promptly to treat them


What they are Floaters (or vitreous floaters or flying flies) are the clinical manifestation of a degeneration of the gelatinous […]

Eye traumas

What they are Eye traumas are a rather frequent occurrence. The eye is the third part of the body to […]


What it is The word blepharitis (chronic blepharitis, allergic blepharitis) derives from the Greek “blepharos”, which means “eyelid”: the term […]

Dry eye

What it is Dry eye is a disease with a sharply increasing incidence in recent years, characterised by an alteration […]


What it is The term “glaucoma” identifies an ocular neurodegenerative disease that gradually leads to loss of vision due to […]

Corneal oedema

What it is Corneal oedema is a pathological condition in which the cornea, the external and transparent part of the […]

Allergic conjunctivitis

What it is Conjunctivitis is an eye disease characterised by an inflammatory state of the conjunctiva, the mucous membrane that […]


What it is The age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is, in industrialised countries, the major cause of severe and irreversible visual impairment in […]