Ozodrop Gel

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Ozodrop Gel

Protective and lubricating ophthalmic gel with LipozonEye® for adults and children

OZODROP® Gel is an ophthalmic protective, lubricating, moisturizing and soothing gel for the ocular surface based on LipozonEye (containing ozonized vegetable oil and soy phospholipids), hydroxyethylcellulose and kolliphor. OZODROP® Gel forms a persistent and homogeneous film on the corneal surface that provides longer protection than ophthalmic solutions due to its unique components.

The ozonized oil and liposomes present in OZODROP® Gel reduce the ability of bacteria to form a biofilm and promotes its disintegration. Biofilm is a natural defense mechanism used by bacteria and can form on ocular surfaces, especially in cases of abrasions and trauma, or on contact lenses. By removing the biofilm, an unfavourable environment for the proliferation of bacteria is created, which makes bacteria more susceptible to both the eye’s natural defences and antibiotics; this reduces inflammatory symptoms caused by bacteria.

The presence of vegetable oil and liposomes supports the stabilisation of the lipid layer of the tear film, reducing the evaporation of the aqueous layer and ensuring immediate relief for eyes.

The vegetable oil used is ozonated and is therefore self-preserved; it is rendered more bioavailable and biotolerable thanks to the integration of liposomes.


OZODROP® Gel is indicated:

  • for the protection of injuries to the ocular surface (traumatic, abrasive, surgical, etc..) and assistance of the physiological reparative processes;
  • in the case of inflammatory diseases of the cornea (keratitis) and conjunctiva (conjunctivitis), including those of infectious origin (from bacteria, viruses, fungi)
  • as an adjunct to antibiotic therapy, in both adults and children;

Moreover, OZODROP® Gel is also an effective treatment for eye dryness due to its protective, lubricating and moisturizing action even in the presence of irritation caused by environmental conditions or mechanical stress, such as the use of contact lenses. In case of alterations of the ocular surface due to the instability of the tear film, also present in patients with recurrent ocular infections.

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