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20 Disposable Ophthalmic Gauzes

The prevention of infections of the periocular area in adults and children

What is OZOLID® and what is it for

OZOLID® ophthalmic gauze is a Medical Device for effective mechanical removal of secretions, whether lipidic or dried, cellular residues and other contaminants from eyelids and eyelashes that are released during inflammatory states such as blepharitis, conjunctivitis, styes and chalazia, or in case of trauma of the periocular area.

Additionally, thanks to the ozonated oil and liposomes, OZOLID® promotes the breakdown of the biofilm, a natural defense mechanism for bacteria which can form along the eyelid margins. The accumulation of biofilm can cause and worsen inflammatory and infectious processes affecting the eyelids. Therefore, removing the biofilm helps to reduce inflammatory symptoms caused by the action of the bacteria themselves. Removing secretions and bacterial biofilm from eyelids and eyelashes is also helpful before and after ocular surgery, as it prevents and reduces the risk of postoperative infections caused by the proliferation of microorganisms.


OZOLID® is indicated:

  • for blepharitis and blepharoconjunctivitis, infectious or allergic, styes and chalazia, to remove secretions from the eyelids and eyelashes, thus providing relief from symptoms;
  • before and after ophthalmological surgery to reduce infections caused by bacteria present on the eyelids and eyelashes.

OZOLID®, thanks to its components, can be used daily to protect the periocular area.

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