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20 Disposable ophthalmic gauzes specific

The prevention of infections of the periocular area in adult and child

What is OZOLID® and what is it for

OZOLID ophthalmic gauze is a Medical Device for an effective mechanical removal of secretions, both lipidic and dry, of cellular residues and other contaminants from eyelids and eyelashes that are released during inflammatory states such as blepharitis, blepharo-conjunctivitis and styes, or in case of trauma of the periocular area. The removal of these secretions is also useful before and after ocular surgical procedures, as it prevents and reduces the risk of post-operative infections due to the proliferation of microorganisms on these exudates.
OZOLID® is indicated: for the removal of eyelid and eyelid secretions which are associated with inflammations like blepharitis and blepharon-conjunctivitis both infectious and allergic, or styes, providing relief to symptoms;
to reduce the risk of infections due to bacteria present on the eyelids and eyelashes before and after ophthalmic surgery, thus being particularly useful in the preparation of eye surgery.
OZOLID®, thanks to its components, can be used daily to protect the periocular area.

How to use it

After having cleaned the hands adequately, open the sachet and take out the gauze. Gently wipe the gauze over the eyelid area, performing a few light circular movements to allow adequate removal of ocular secretions and any other deposits (smog, dust, etc.). For hard-to-remove secretions or inflammation affecting the palpebral edge (blepharitis, blepharon-conjunctivitis, sties) we recommend heating the closed sachet for a few minutes in warm water (40°C), then using the gauze as a warm compress. For swelling of the eyelids, we recommend cooling the closed sachet in the refrigerator for at least one hour, then applying the gauze to the closed eyelids for a few minutes.

Read the patient information leaflet.

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