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    Lubricant and protective ophthalmic solution

    OZODROP is a moisturizing, protective, soothing and lubricant ophthalmic solution, based on hypromellose, liposomes and ozonized oil.

    Thanks to its moisturizing, protective and lubricant action on the ocular surface, OZODROP is useful for:

    • facilitating reparative processes after surgical or traumatic stress;
    • the treatment of symptoms related to inflammatory disease;
    • the treatment of dry eye, even with irritation caused by environmental condition or mechanical stress, such as the application of contact lenses.

    The presence of ozonized oil and liposomes supports the stabilization of the lipidic phase of tear film, by reducing the evaporation of the acqueous phase and providing immediate relief.

    The ozonized oil is self-preserved, thus, more bioavailable and biodegradable thanks to the integration of liposomes.


    OZODROP is indicated for lubrification and corneal protection, before and after surgeries, in case of ocular trauma, after using contact lenses or in case of alteration of ocular surface due to instability of tear film, also present in patients with recurring ocular infections.

    OZODROP is also indicated in the soothing treatment of symptoms associated to inflammatory disease.

    How to use

    Instill one or two drops in each eye one or more times a day or according to a doctor’s opinion.

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