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Protective ophthalmic solution

Immunodrop is a Protective ophthalmic solution of the ocular surface based on Lactobacillus sakei lysate and Hypromellose.

The tear film, in addition to lubrication, helps to modulate the inflammatory response of the ocular surface, favouring repair processes and maintaining or restoring structural integrity. An optimal condition of the ocular surface therefore favours a correct inflammatory response and innate and adaptive immunity and contributes to the protection of the ocular surface from pathogenic bacteria.


Immunodrop is a medical device useful to protect and stabilise the ocular surface, particularly indicated in case of symptoms derived from alteration of the tear film, such as red eye, eye irritated by external agents or dry eye.
The clinical benefits of Immunodrop are due to the fact that the individual components, through a tear film reconstruction process and increased adhesion of the positive bacteria naturally present on the ocular surface, stabilise the tear film and restore the natural protective barrier against external microbial agents, pollutants and environmental substances.
Immunodrop is also useful for restoring the normal equilibrium of the tear film, which is altered during or following infections (conjunctivitis, blepharitis, blepharon-conjunctivitis and stye), even recurrent, and after eye surgery.

How to use

Instil one or two drops in each eye 3-4 times a day or as advised by your doctor.


8 ml preservatives free multidose bottle.
Immunodrop®’s bottle is equipped with a technological system that allows the preservation of the product without using preservatives. The absence of preservatives constitutes a further prevention of ocular surface irritation.

Read the patient information leaflet.


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