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Antioxidant lubricant and photoprotective ophthalmic solution. Preservatives free.

Lumixa is a preservative-free antioxidant, lubricant and photoprotective ophthalmic solution based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid sodium salt, liposomes and crocin.

Cross-linked sodium hyaluronate is a reticulated form of sodium hyaluronate produced to obtain a more viscoelastic and stable molecule. Cross-linked sodium hyaluronate ensures better hydration and longer permanence on the ocular surface.

Thanks to the synergy between cross-linked sodium hyaluronate and liposomes, LUMIXA is suitable for all types of ocular dryness caused by lacrimal hyposecretion (insufficient production of tear film) or dry eye syndrome (excessive evaporation of the tear film).

Crocin is a carotenoid that interacts with light radiation at wavelengths between 380 and 500 nm; this photoprotective property, and its antioxidant capacity, makes Lumixa effective even in dry eyes caused by prolonged use of electronic devices (computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.). In fact, the bue light emitted by these devices represents a portion of the visible light spectrum between 380 and 500 nm that can cause oxidative damage on the ocular surface, which manifests itself with dry eye and inflammation.

LUMIXA helps protect the ocular surface and ocular tissues:

  • From free radicals produced in case of dry eyes;
  • From the consequences of high exposure to devices that emit radiation that cause visual stress (es. Blue light from prolonged use of computer, smartphones, tablets), unfavorable lighting conditions, etc;
  • In case of mechanical stress (ophthalmological diagnostic and surgical procedures, eye trauma) and / or environmental stress (air conditioning, dry or polluted air, high ambient temperatures, etc.).


Symptomatic treatment of dry eye syndrome. Also indicated for corneal protection as a tear substitute in case of visual stress owing to the harmful consequences of blue light, environmental stress, or after surgery and ocular trauma.

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