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Antioxidant lubricant ophthalmic solution based on crocin, 0.15% cross-linked hyaluronic acid and liposomes in 10 ml Novelia bottle – preservatives free.

Lumixa eye drops is the first photoactive tear supplement based on 3 components, crocin, cross-linked hyaluronic acid and liposomes, which have a synergistic action perfect for the 3 layers of the tear film.
Cross-linked sodium hyaluronate is a reticulated form of sodium hyaluronate produced in order to obtain a more viscoelastic and stable molecule. Cross-linked sodium hyaluronate ensures better hydration and longer permanence on the ocular surface.
Crocin is a photoactive and water-soluble carotenoid with high antioxidant activity capable of limiting the damage caused by free radicals produced in the case of dry eyes, mechanical stress, environmental stress and visual stress. In addition, several studies have shown that crocin is able to protect cells from damage caused by blue and white light.
Liposomes help restore the external lipid layer and stabilize the tear film by preventing excessive evaporation of the aqueous component.
Thanks to the synergy between cross-linked sodium hyaluronate, crocin and liposomes, Lumixa® has a high muco-adhesiveness and it is suitable for all types of ocular dryness caused by lacrimal hyposecretion (insufficient production of tear film) or dry eye syndrome (excessive evaporation of the tear film).


Symptomatic treatment of dry eye syndrome. Indicated for corneal protection as a tear substitute after surgery, ocular trauma or in case of environmental or visual stress.

How to use it

Instil one or two drops in each eye, one or more times a day or as advised by your doctor.

Read the patient information leaflet.


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